5 Reasons to Choose Us


  1. Your safety is our priority – it’s not an option. Whether you’re a student taking a course with us or an experienced diver making fun dives, safety is always first.
  2. We’re more affordable than most – where else can you find a well kept and maintained dive shop, properly trained guides providing personalized services and small dive groups… ALL for only P1,100 fun diving including air, equipment, guide and boat fees?
  3. Learning is FREE (certifications are not) – so you have challenges with buoyancy or finning, etc -or have some general questions about scuba diving… let’s do an easy dive and we’ll help you iron out the kinks. Spend an afternoon with us in the shop (just bring good coffee) if you just want to talk about diving and would like to learn more!
  4. We are 100% locals – living and diving in Puerto Galera for more than a decade. We’re a bunch of fun-loving, easy-going Filipinos. Need we say more?
  5. We serve sub-zero San Miguel beer. After diving.